Terms and conditions

Below are our Terms and conditions based on each of our available Divisions under the mother company Bitfuxure Pty ( Ltd) 

The standard terms of services under each and every division are : 


Bitfuxure reserve the right to amends it's products prices,memberships benefits and prices, duration of the membership,  as well as other general terms and conditions from time to time in order to better serve it's clients, suppliers,supporters,club members as we strive to be a better and a written 7days notice shall be given to all members,  prior such changes takes place.


Specifics Terms under Each Divisions 


Bitfuxure Travels Club  Terms 

  • Your Membership is valid for 12 months period  from date of your purchase ,and it is renewable every 6 months ,meaning you pay for your membership every 6 months ,but the price of membership increases every 12 months from your first purchase date.
  • You can only have one membership ,no one can share a Membership as each member is allocated a membership number.
  • Your membership is active after waiting 60 days from your first time purchasing the membership.
  • Free Nights : bitfuxure travels pay for your stay at only Lodges and Guests Houses ,Excluding Hotels and you need to claim your free night every month as we don't allow carry over of free Nights if you did not claim from previous month,you need to give us at least 15 days notice to book for your free night and we only cover for accommodation costs only not transportation or meals.
  • We are not affiliated with any traveling boarding as yet ,therefore do not ask us to provide such documents ,as we are still in a process of affiliating with all major traveling bodies in the traveling industry and should you not feel like not joining us as yet you more than welcome not to join us now.
  • We do not have any partnership with any other companies ,we are an independent traveling agency that only uses external services provider to serve you better and offer you discounts that only apply to bookings that were booked through our company ,therefore do not go asking for bitfuxure discounts from other companies.
  • We can only reserve your seat if the following have been done: 1. You have given us at least 15 days notice to book for flight,bus,accommodation or tour package ,2. You have either paid full price or required deposit fee of the service you need and that when your seat can be reserved and be confirmed, no payment no confirmation.



Bitfuxure Digital Terms

  • Now that you hold our travel membership ,you qualify for our rewards under bitfuxure digital and these rewards depends on what you do across our divisions as we reward you for every action you do under divisions of bitfuxure
  • You need to hold at least 3500 Coins in order for you to qualify for our range of rewards that will be offered from 2022 under bitfuxure digital website
  • From this 3500 coins you can request a payout from us to claim your reward and it will be paid to your bank account details that you filled in when you fill your bitfuxure travels membership form and the reward will be paid into your bank account within 10 days from date of submitting claim request.



Bitfuxure Shopping Terms. 

  • Should you not be happy with your products that you purchased on our online store section ,you can return the product for exchange of you can request a refund which can be fulfilled in less than 30 days from submitting your refund request.
  • Our standard delivery timeframe is 15 days across the country and 20 days outside South Africa , however these depends on various factors under delivery infrastructures in our country so it can take more than stepulated timeframe but communication will be given should we experience difficulties to deliver your parcel on time.
  • We deliver only to Physical Addresses.
  • Some deliveries will have tracking references depending on which delivery methods was chosen , insurance can be purchased to ensure your parcel.


Competitions Terms 


  • Bitfuxure Pty (Ltd) reserves the right to amends it's terms of competitions without giving notice.
  • Any person who is related to the employees or management of the company may not enter our completions 
  • By entering our competitions you give is permission to use your images as part of our marketing materials on our future marketing campaigns and therefore no financial claims to be expected with this regard.
  • Make sure you read everything on the competition details before you enter our competitions as we won't held responsible for any events that may due to you not following our competitions requirements or guidance.
  • Most of our competitions runs from 60 up  to 180 days before a prize can be awarded,the prize is not transferable or exchangeable.
  • Should you not meet the requirements and you have been voted as a winner,we will award the prize to the second runner up.



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