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Bronze Membership

R 150

Bitfuxure Bronze  Membership be onnefits

✅ You get 5% discounts on our flight,bus, accommodation and tour package bookings

✅ You earn free 100 free  Coins per month
✅ Earn Coins based on the people category chart

✅ Get 500  free welcome bonus Coins

✅ Get up to R3000 Worth of Registration fees to the course of your choice after November 2021 

✅ Earn 200 Coins per every successful membership renewal payment made every 6 months

✅ Earn 50 Coins for every successful purchase you make in our online store

The People Category Chart

Referral Bonus as per the people you introduce to us as follows

1. Education

✅ Learner's and Student  7 Coins
✅ Educators 9 Coins

2. Sports

✅ Soccer Coach 50 Coins

✅ Nedball Coach 50 Coins

✅ Cricket 50 Coins

3. Business

✅ Hawkers/Street Vendors  100 Coins
✅ Any products based business owner 100 Coins

4. Society/Social Club

100 Coins

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