Question : What is Bitfuxure ?

Answer : Bitfuxure is a traveling based business that was formed in 2020 to offer it's members affordable, unique, traveling packages to enjoy our beautiful country .

Question : How to join?

Answer : You need to purchase our traveling membership in order to benefit from everything that says bitfuxure and your membership comes with certain benefits,read more on different types of memberships under membership product 

Question: Who can Join?

Answer : You need to be at least 16 years and older ,be interested in traveling or be interested in starting your own business one day with the help of bitfuxure company as you earn rewards for holding membership,you also earn share profit from the company every 12 months as long as your membership is valid.

Question : When can I use my benefits?

Answer : As soon as your waiting period of 60 days from date of purchase is over,you can start using your benefits and travel the world at discounted rates 

Question : Can I only travel in SA?

Answer : No ,you can travel wherever you wish provided you have the budget to travel to wherever you want to go and that you have necessary and valid documents to travel to other countries

Question : What if my question is not included here ?

Answer : You can always enquiry at our Bitfuxure Travels Facebook page to get answers that are not listed here

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