About us

Bitfuxure is a Travel   based business in the borders of South Africa  which was established on 11 January 2020 in Johannesburg,Gauteng Province ,It is owned by Kgosi More who originates from a small town called Schweizer- Reneke,North West Province.

Bitfuxure Travels offers affordable, user friendly,and unique Traveling Packaged that can accommodate any person who want to experience a life changing experience in Traveling.

Bitfuxure Pty (Ltd) has the following current operational Divisions other than the traveling division.


Mother division Bitfuxure Travels can be accessed here www.facebook.com/bitfuxuretravels

Bitfuxure Water 

This division is responsible for purifying water and sell it to public for profit ,some of the percentage from this product are redistributed to our foundation division.

Visit www.facebook.com/bitfuxurew to learn more.

Bitfuxure Digital 

This division is the back bone of bitfuxure travels as it provide members with rewards based system as well as responsible for sustaining our members future through our bitfuxure coin as bitfuxure after 1 November 2021 will no longer use or accept Rands as a means of payment,we will be using our own currency after 1 November 2021

Search "Bitfuxure Digital" on Facebook

Bitfuxure Shopping

This is our online shopping centre where you can purchase everything online on Bitfuxure and you get rewarded for every item you spend your money on through bitfuxure Digital.

Search "Bitfuxure Shopping" on facebook

Bitfuxure Foundation

This is our corporate social responsibility program which address some of issuess that our connected communities are faced with and our three categories we focusing on are 





 We offer sponsorship in the above categories in communities that support our business.

Visit www.facebook.com/bitfuxuref to learn more about bitfuxure Foundation 

Our yet to be introduced division is Bitfuxure Entertainment ,which is expected to be launched on 28 August 2021 visit "Bitfuxure Entertainment" to learn more

We are seeking to have 15000+ Active club members by 2030


How to Join Bitfuxure Travels Club?

Follow these steps to join our bitfuxure travel club

*Steps to follow to join bitfuxure family*

Step 1: visit https://www.bitfuxureonline.co.za/pages/terms/ to read our terms and conditions and understand how our business operate before you pay any money

Step 2: visit https://www.bitfuxureonline.co.za/categories/products/membership-2/ to check which membership is best suited to your pockets needs

Step 3: Pay for the membership you think is best suited for your pocket online by just clicking on *Add to Cart* and check out.

Step 4: Once you have paid for your membership follow this link  https://forms.gle/Jvyqm1jXgHUMm8QC7 To Register so we can Design Your Membership Card

Step 5: Send your Face pic and your names  to *Admin Gontse* on *0732489235* so she can begin your membership card application

Step 6: Wait for up to 72 hours ( 2 days) to receive your membership card  *Excluding Weekends and Public Holidays* as bitfuxure admin don't work weekends

*We pay 12% of the membership value that the member you introduced paid as a referral bonus every Tuesdays plus you get free bitfuxure coins based on your membership*

We Can't Wait to Welcome you

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