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Bitfuxure is a Travel  Business that is owned by experienced owner who has been in the hospital industry for the past 3 years and had decided to build his own empire and offer affordable, user friendly,and unique Traveling Packaged that can accommodate any person who want to experience a life changing experience in Traveling.

Get yourself a Membership and save up to 14% on all our Services as my way of saying thank you for supporting our business while we build a long term partnership. More Travel Deals coming in mid 2021 as soon as we reach a target of 15000 Active Club Members to be able to offer you more for less.

Visit us at Park Town to learn more about Bitfuxure.

I can't wait to welcome you on board

Kgosi More

Managing Director


General Manager


Bitfuxure Water Manager


Bitfuxure Water Distributor


Bitfuxure Water Distributor


Bitfuxure Water Distributor


Bitfuxure Water Distributor

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